Emily's story

Melbourne based harpist Emily Rosner is shattering preconceived notions of what her instrument is capable of.  An accomplished singer, composer, and improvisor, she combines a deep knowledge of traditional classical and jazz music with an ear for avant-garde experimentation to create a truly unique musical experience.  She enhances the natural beauty of the harp with innovative new technologies, allowing the centuries old instrument to create and blend with innovative sounds that would have been considered impossible a generation ago.

Emily learned to play the harp from accomplished masters including Xanya Mumunya, Mary Doumany, and Park Stickney.  She embarked on a prolific career as both a solo performer and band member, enjoying the opportunity to develop her love for improvisation. Early career highlights included appearances with The Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra as well as performances at Port Fairy, Queenscliff Festival, Hammer Hall, Arts Centre and Spiegel tent.  Traveling across Australia for many years, she regularly collaborated with some of the country’s finest musicians including Rae Howell and Lisa Miller, all while developing the adventurous spirit that would come to define her work.

She released her first EP, ‘Golden Thread’ with her band ‘Zikora’ in 2015 produced by multi-platinum award winning producer Jimi Maroudas, which furthered her interest in the process of recorded music.

After completing a Bachelor of Music Composition from Australian Institute of Music, she continued to receive more attention for her work further developing her distinctive style. She was invited to play on award winning records including Chelsea Wilson’s ‘Chasing Gold,’ and The Ruben’s ‘MTV unplugged’, as well as receiving a sizeable grant to compose a piece celebrating International Women’s Day.  Emily maintains a reputation as a sought after educator and collaborator, all while continuing to push the boundaries of her instrument into new and exciting territory.