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Playing the harp doesn’t have to be hard but it does take patience and focus. Learn more about the philosophy around harp technique and the positive lifestyle changes you may encounter as you learn.

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Rental Agreement

Rental terms and payment conditions
  • The customer accepts all liabilities directly and indirectly associated with the rental of the instrument and agrees to hold The Harp Lab from any action, damage or loss arising out of the use or misuse by themselves or other parties, knowingly or unknowingly of the instrument,
    the turning key, or case.
  • In exchange for the use of this instrument and its Accessories, the Renter agrees to pay the nominated amount of rent indicate above to The Harp Lab by automatic deduction payments as arranged through Stripe Pty. Ltd. and their DDR Service Agreement each 1 monthly term in
    advance, as per the Service agreement. Renter accepts that a $20.00 dishonoured payment fee incurs for each payment attempt.
  • The rental instrument, tuning key and case remain the property of The Harp Lab at all times.
  • The Renter agrees to submit a refundable damage/loss deposit by way of a $250 one time payment to The Harp Lab prior to the commencement of the first rental period. The Harp Lab will deposit this cheque into a separate damage/loss Deposit Account.
  • When the instrument and its Accessories are returned in good condition, at the end of the contracted rental period by the renter to The Harp Lab Studio, The Harp Lab will refund the Damage/Loss deposit in full to the Renter.
  • The charge for loss or damage of a tuning key is $35 (NA). The Renter agrees that this charge may be withdrawn from the Renter’s damage deposit it be lost or damaged. The renter agrees that their Damage/Loss deposit monies held in The Harp Lab’s Damage
    Deposit Account will be made available to The Harp Lab in the event that:
    a)the instrument and/or its Accessories are returned in a damaged condition. The Harp Lab reserves the right, at its sole discretion to withhold any portion of the Damage/Loss Deposit that The Harp Lab assesses as needed to repair the instrument and/or its Accessories due to
    damage sustained during the rental period.
    b)if there is any unpaid rent owing upon return of the instrument, including any time the instrument is not returned to The Harp Lab beyond the time of the agreed rental period. This amount will be pro-rated to the return as well as a $50 late fee.
    c) if the instrument and/or its accessories remain unreturned for a period of more than 30 days from the expiry of the rental period; in this event, the renter agrees to compensate The Harp Lab for the full stated value of the instrument and its accessories inclusive of, and above and beyond the Damage Deposit monies.
  • If pick-up of the rental instrument by The Harp Lab becomes necessary due to late payments, or by the Renter’s request, the Renter agrees that a $250 pick-up fee will be charged by The Harp Lab and withdrawn from the Renter’s damage deposit. This fee can be varied at the discretion of The Harp Lab to recover all travel costs to the company. The Renter will arrange and allow a mutually agreed upon time for the harp to be picked up by The Harp Lab from the address of residence given by the Renter on the rental form, and the rental period will be deemed to continue until the completed return of the instrument.
  • The Renter is responsible to pay The Harp Lab the replacement costs of the instrument or repair costs, whichever is the lesser amount as determined by The Harp Lab, should the instrument be damaged in any way, lost or stolen during its rental period. The Harp Lab will be
    notified within 48 hours of any loss or damage to the instrument.
  • The initial rental period will be paid by the Renter after the Rental Agreement has been agreed to and is legally signed (the signatory must be over 18 years) by both the Renter and The Harp Lab, and after the Renter has signed the Direct Debit authorisation and DDR Service agreement and the Renter’s bank and credit details have been verified by Stripe Pty. Ltd. All rental monies paid are non-refundable if the contract is cancelled by the Renter, unless satisfactory mutual agreement is reached between The Harp Lab and the Renter.
  • Subsequent rental periods must be paid for on or before the beginning of the next rental period date is due to begin, and will be withdrawn from the Renter’s account as per the Direct Debit Service Agreement, and by the Rental Contract, whether or not reminder notices from The Harp Lab or Stripe Pty.Ltd. are given to or received by the Renter.
  • The Harp Lab reserves the right to demand the return of this instrument at any time. In that event, the rent will be prorated to the date of return. The Renter agrees to return the instrument to the office of The Harp Lab at the Renter’s expense, or at the expense of The Harp Lab by mutual agreement.
  • The Renter agrees to maintain the instrument in its initial good condition as at the start of the rental period including repairs at the expense of the Renter if the instrument is damaged. The Renter agrees to return the rental instrument, and the Accessories to The Harp Lab in a
    satisfactory condition at the expiration of this contract.
  • The harp Lab remains responsible for all normal maintenance of the instrument.
  • The Renter acknowledges that they may not lease, sell, loan, pawn or otherwise dispose of this instrument.
  • If the Renter chooses to return the instrument and its Accessories before the paid rental period concludes, the Renter agrees to pay the rental charges to The Harp Lab for the full rental period.
  • Termination of this agreement does not preclude The Harp Lab from recovering any amounts of money outstanding for rental payments owing or for claiming expenses for damages to or loss of the instrument, the tuning key or the chromatic tuner.
  • Renter’s signature below indicates that the Renter has read, understood and agreed to all conditions of this contract, and that the Renter will notify The Harp Lab within 7 days of any changes to the information supplied by the Renter in this Agreement.

Signature (over 18 years)

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No harp teacher would teach my 5 year old but Emily said let’s give it a go. And nearly 4 years on my daughter is still playing and excelling. She knows how to get the best out of her and teaches with kindness and so much experience.
Emily is an amazing harp, vocal and composition/songwriting teacher. She easily caters to whatever I'm interested in learning and provides me with really great direction on how to improve my technique depending on what I'm working on at the time. She has a holistic approach, figuring out work-arounds for my wrist injury, and always reminding me to relax in my playing! Best decision of my life to start learning harp at 29 years old under Emily's guidance.
My daughter has been learning harp from Emily for 8 years now. Emily is a wonderful teacher - patient, kind, supportive and exacting. I couldn't have hoped for a better music education for my daughter, one that balances enjoyment with solid preparation for exams and performance. I highly recommend Emily as a teacher